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Welcome to the Sauna revolution

the pioneering, compact, PORTABLE infrared sauna


Supercharge your health and fitness with the SweatBoxx Sauna in the comfort of your own home.

Wave goodbye to crowded public saunas and say hello to our compact, portable, infrared Sauna. 

The compact size of our saunas allows them fit comfortably in small apartments, gyms, houses or virtually any other space desired. 

Discover the many benefits of heat shock therapy – improve circulation, elevate cardiovascular function, and ignite metabolic activity – simply plug the SweatBoxx Sauna in to your home wall socket to begin! 

Australian owned and operated

Created Down Under, we are committed to ensuring that the abundant merits of heat shock therapy are within reach for everyone looking to push the boundaries of their overall health and fitness.

benefits of saunas


Improves Endurance

Regular sauna use can enhance endurance performance by increasing blood volume and red cell count, accelerating the body's natural capacity for prolonged physical effort. Turn up the heat and watch as your stamina surges, pushing you further in your performance journey.


Promotes Muscle Growth

The heat from the sauna stimulates the release of growth hormones, essential for muscle repair and development. Experience the power of heat, sculpting your strength, and fortifying your physique.


Strengthens Immune System

Sauna bathing increases white blood cell count, helping the body defend against infections & diseases. Step into your private sanctuary, bolster your immunity and stand ready against health challenges.


Improves Blood Pressure

Regular sauna use can lower high blood pressure by enhancing the way your blood vessels function. Elevate your wellness routine and navigate towards a heart-healthy life with a SweatBoxx Sauna.


Aids Weight Loss

Saunas can help promote weight loss by increasing metabolism and inducing sweat, leading to calorie burn. Ignite your weight loss journey with a burst of heat, helping you shape your path towards a healthier, fitter self.


Boosts Mood and Reduces Stress

Sauna bathing has been associated with the increased production of serotonin, a key hormone for mood regulation and stress reduction. Embrace the soothing warmth and let tranquility guide you towards a serene and productive day.


Promotes Skin Health

Regular sauna use can improve skin elasticity & complexion by increasing blood flow to the skin's surface. Step into your sauna, and step out with a radiant glow, reflecting your inner health and vitality.


Improves Sleep Patterns

Sauna sessions can enhance sleep quality by promoting relaxation and regulating body temperature. Allow the gentle heat to lull you into a deep, restorative sleep, recharging your energy for optimal performance.

Stronger, Better, Faster with SweatBoxx​

Sauna sessions can enhance many, many elements of your overall health and fitness. One of the most profound benefits is enhanced sleep quality, achieved by promoting relaxation and regulating body temperature. Allow the gentle heat to lull you into a deep, restorative sleep, recharging your energy for optimal performance & well-being.

About Us

SweatBoxx Saunas mission is to help the everyday athlete push the boundaries of their health and fitness.  This company was built to help people, and we plan to do that one sauna at a time.

Our journey started with the realisation that while cardiovascular disease was prevalent in our own families, it is far too prominent in the families of many, many others as well.  Research suggested that in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, heat shock therapy, through Sauna use, was one of the most significant preventative tools of cardiovascular disease (in addition to many others!).  The problem: the only sauna I had access to was my often crowded, musty, and frankly, unpleasant gym sauna.

Cue SweatBoxx Saunas – our solution! Offering top-notch, long-lasting, personal sauna experiences in the comfort of your own home.